Miscellaneous Investigation Services

  • Collective intellicegen.
  • Pre & Post enrollment screening.
  • Insurance demand inspections.
  • Credit worthiness and due diligence.
  • IPR, Trade mark & Patents.
  • Theft, stealing, robbery, crime & pilferages.
  • Fraudulence, dupery, double-dealing and cheat.
  • Asset Verification & location tracing.
  • Hidden operations.
  • Mystery shopping.
  • Rackets.
  • Prosecution support.
  • Pre & Post matrimonial inspections.
  • Tracing missing individuals.
  • Surveillance.

Don’t just see what you want in our services do drop us an email or call us. We also carry out: Asset and Beneficiary Search, Cheating Spouses, Tracing of criminals, Collection and verification of Evidence, Child Custody and Recovery, Collection of Interest, Criminal & Civil Inspections, Criminal Background Verification, Criminal Record Checking, Domestic & Marital Problems, double-dealing investigation, Doubtful Conduct, Drugs & Other Addictions, Establish Reasonable Suspicion, Finding missing persons, Fingerprint Verification, General Civil and Criminal Cases, Habits and Hobbies of criminals, Handwriting Verification, Handprints Examination, Information Analysis, Legal Assistance, Locate Inspections, Marital Infidelity, Missing/Kidnapped, Murder Case Investigation, Land/Business Ownership, Post-Matrimonial Affairs, Pre-Matrimonial Inspections, Developing Cases for Trial, Recovering Robbed Property, Secret and personal Audio/Video Recording of wicked people, Separation & Divorce Evidence, Surveillance (Video/Photo), Surveillance/Shadowing, Suspicious Death Examination, Threats,Blackmailing, Extortion, Tracking Missing Persons cell phones, Tricked/Victimized, Verification for Credits and Debits, Infidelity investigations, Locating missing relatives, friends and colleagues, Hijacking, Tracing in adoption matters, Child custody disputes, Parental kidnaps, Finding runaways, Family criminal matters, Family abuse and disputes, Support evidence for alimony, child care and child support, Compensation claims for Workers; all forms of compensation claims, Insurance claims, Medical malpractice claims, Loss and life policy claims, Accident inspections, Alibi and defense evidence, Ravaging, Crashing, Abolishing, Wrecking, Damage and theft Fraud, Assault and sexual offences, tracking and locating witnesses, Pre-trial research, etc. So, we work in our best possible manner.

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