Divorce Data Collection

When you see that your partner is having an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend or extra marital relationship, it is imperative that you examine the facts and obtain as much evidence or hidden secrets or information as possible. In the long term, this will clear your queries as well as doubts and provide you peace of mind. Also, if you were to falsely accuse your spouse, it may result in a breakdown in your relationship.

There are many marital alliances developing complications due to suspicious activities or adultery by the partner and it becomes difficult living together and they may generate very serious problems like separation for rest of life and court cases for divorce. We do pre-marital verifications to answer any queries you may have before marriage. This verification service is highly recommended to partners who have met their future mate on any internet dating service or social networking sites or through an arranged marriage.

Then you require our assistance for extra marital affair, daily routine check for material evidences or information of your mate, which will also stand good in the court. We also include the matter of alimony/maintenance of spouse, child possession, and curiosity to know the future needs, plans and activities of your spouse.

Be careful of Inspecting members in Dubai who offer bugging devices and tracking devices. In almost all cases, these tracing devices are illegal and in the end, you will not get what you want. They generally gather any information illegally and thus you will not be able to utilize this evidence to prove you have a cheating partner, even to your relatives and friends.

A tracking device will only track the area and will tell you where an automobile is and not, where the cheating mate is nor who the cheating spouse is meeting, where the cheating spouse does meet or what they do with each other, or give the evidence that you have a cheating mate. Cheating mates rarely drive their automobile to the place they meet the other party and they specially prefer to park their automobiles at some distant areas. The only way to get information or evidence of a cheating spouse is through a carefully and cleverly planned lawful cheating spouse inspection and obtains audio as well as video material. All spy devices in the UAE are illegal and the accurate ramifications are very severe against the individuals utilizing them and the client who authorized the usage of the same.

Cheating spouses, toddler custody, separation, divorce, property settlements, location of stolen toddlers, hidden assets, detection of stalking and proof of income for offspring support are some of the areas where Private and secret Inspecting member can assist and can provide you a strategic advantage. You may only get one chance to collect evidence and we can guide you to adopt a strategy for your cheating mate inspection that has the best chances of success. We help you in our best possible manner and we want you to win so that you can care for your future and your rightful share of the assets of that partnership.

Don’t be fooled by the emotions and let us verify the reality of the situation before it is too late. We have private inspecting unit members in Dubai that specialize in infidelity cases only. Either through undercover operations and surveillance, our private investigators may assist you in locating if your significant other is in an extra marital relationship. We will document all their activities, actions, places visited, and also determine who they meet with. In addition, we may obtain audio or video and/or photography documentation of all suspects and of all activities. If you require, we may also provide you a detection report and an audio or video documentation on the detection results obtained which can be used in the court. Moreover, we can testify on the findings in any law-court proceeding if it is required.

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