Child Custody

Child Custody & Child Support Claims:

If you have juvenile, a toddler custody inspection can protect them from danger and exploitation. In case of a separation in couples, juvenile custody inspection can help make sure that the toddler involved stay safe and protected. A parent, pro-creator, family friend or a relative can ask for a toddler custody investigator to determine what the child’s experience is like with a custody or non-custody parent. Detections of pro-creators or parents sometimes reveal child abuse, drug abuse, neglectance or parental alcoholism. We as one of the most trustable private inspecting agencies in Dubai can help you in these matters.


We as one of the premier and best detective agency in UAE usually use surveillance to identify what happens when a procreator is with the toddler. Inspecting team members can document or record audio or video of any abuse or neglect that they observe and they can collect other confidential information that suggests whether the toddler is being treated well or not. Inspecting unit members can easily search out whether a procreator indulges in neglect, hasty driving, criminal attempts, alcoholism, or other bad activities that may affect a toddler’s welfare as well their life. Based on the data and evidence collected, procreators and courts can find what to do to ensure the offspring safety.


There are so many different reasons why procreators turn to private investigating individuals to safeguard their toddler or offspring.
They have uncertain about their toddler’s safety. Unfortunately, an offspring is most likely to be ignored, abused, avoided or neglected by those who are closest to them — including their procreators. In a divorce case, you will need very specific and quality information to prove that an ex-spouse or spouse may be a harmful to the offspring. A private inspecting individual can help give the evidence or information that can allow you to save your offspring.
Private inspecting member can help in locating whether a offspring is being avoided, neglected, ignored or abused. If happily, abuse or neglect is not a factor; procreators can enjoy the peace of mind.
They have been accused of abuse or neglect. In court, separate or divorce cases, generally, one procreator will sometimes make fake statements in order to limit another procreator’s access to the offspring. A private and secret inspecting individual can help by collecting evidence or confidential information of proper conduct. In maximum number of cases, you’ll require a skilled, experienced and qualified professional private investigator in DUBAI and UAE. This will not only ensure the best quality of evidence but will also safeguard the offspring’s safety.
As we know that the marriage act is very drastic act. The ending of a marriage is never a happy ending. Usually anger occurs with both parties, making for a contentious future between former spouses. Many spouses refuse to pay the amount of spousal maintenance. If you suspect that you are giving or receiving too much or too little amount for spousal maintenance, modification of the support order may be required.
Spousal maintenance is examined on a case by case basis because, unlike offspring support, there are no hard rules that examine the amount of the award. Basically, an award of spousal maintenance requires three showings:

  • Requirement of a party for spousal maintenance
  • Sufficient marriage’s length to establish “entitlement”, and
  • Ability of a party to pay spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance amount and decisions are generally based on the following factors:

  • Total period of the marriage
  • Standard of living of both parties during the marriage
  • Annual or monthly income of both parties
  • Annual or monthly living expenses of both parties
  • Age of both parties
  • The contributions of each party member to the marital estate
  • Property apportioned to each spouse in the divorce

We are known as Sharp and qualified Detective Agency. We use a variety of techniques including hidden assets inspection, video and covert surveillance, and public records for discovering the real story behind the sob story that the payer or payee plans to show to the court. So, we work in our best possible manner.

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