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We Bond Investigations, DUBAI would like to mention that there are no license requirements in Dubai or any of the Arab Emirates for Private inspecting members to operate in. Make sure you work with some agency which is trustworthy and someone that you can rely on and someone that is very famous in this work, qualified and experienced.

It is very important to note here that Private Inspections in Abu Dhabi or Dubai requires to be handled differently. Private inspections in Dubai need to be covered in a very different manner than other countries. As you may be aware that there is no licensing system for the purpose of inspection as a private detective in Dubai, thus, this doesn’t mean that private detectives are illegal.

Private detectives are sustained in this area of field and other emirates so long as they conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable to the government and local authorities. Private Inspecting unit members who work in the emirates cannot carry out any form of secret and private inspections, on any government or official individuals and we as such will not carry out work relating to the same.

There are many problems that a private detective in Dubai or the emirates has to be known of which can range from private security (of the subject or the premises), strict sharia/Islamic laws, local authorities, locations being restricted areas, zero tolerance to invasion of privacy gated communities, security guards posted at residential or commercial buildings, etc. Please note that a private detective will have to take it in mind the above and various other rules in order for them to discreetly carry out the work or assignment.
It goes without saying that a private detective in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi working on any assignment will not threaten his or her safety, security and freedom with the local authorities. It is essential to know what a detective agency in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi or the emirates can do and cannot do.

Many an instances have been encountered in the past whereby full details of the risks involved in taking up and assignment haven’t been given by the client to us, which in turn jeopardizes the agent who if is carrying out anything illegal on behalf of the client, will indirectly be the liability of the client, hence it is imperative for us to know the whole background before any form of private investigation assignments are taken on board.

By now you are also aware that as no private detective or private in investigator is based out of Dubai or any part of the emirates that meeting and discussing face to face with any representative is impossible due to the security risk, hence most private detective agencies in the UAE deal via emails or overseas numbers to avoid the risk of the same. Most private detectives are either based in India, UK, Yemen, Algeria and Africa but deal with localized agents in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and any other emirate.

As on date we have consolidated our position in every nook & corner of the United Arab Emirates and have grown many folds in Private Investigations in the UAE and Dubai, besides having a very large investigative division but our interest & hunger for highly challenging and risky assignments, we have concentrated upon our Detective division almost to a level of perfection. We undertake all type of investigations, unconcerned about the risks they involve, as long as they are within the confines of Law and local authorities.

We are specialized in Private Detectives, Investigations, Matrimonial, confidential verifications and inquire for business as well as personal. We provide a wide range of background checks, assessment tools and character screening Services. We have a dedicated team of trained professional detectives. Our selected and screened investigators equipped with all latest high-tech investigation equipments and has undergone the extensive training to perform their duties with sincerity and taught several tools so as to generate the best results in the shortest possible time. Our qualifications, expertise and Services are best evidenced by our clients. We focus on providing our clients with the information they need and giving it to them in the right context. Whether it is due diligence, background checks (personal or corporate), private investigations, financial profiles, litigation support, competitor analysis or a marketing research, we give it to you within your time frame and budget.

We provide critical investigations into all aspects of the defense case, which include location of witnesses, statements, evaluation, evidence collection and review, independent analysis, background investigations, crime scene investigations, documentation analysis and regional canvassing, as well as other Services directed by the client. Our private investigators in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi gather essential evidence, and witnesses that not only support your case, but aid in critical determinations that influence the outcome of verdicts.

Our Mission is to provide and supply our clients with superior private investigative services in Dubai and throughout the emirates. We take pride in our ability to provide the highest quality Services at the most competitive prices. The Agency’s destiny is determined by the diverse backgrounds, and achievements of its team of professionals. This proves that a combination of prompt response time, total professionalism and high standards produces principles of proven experience and notable results. Our company has evolved to serve the needs of a diverse client base ranging from attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public. Throughout the years, Sharp Detective Agency Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi has remained intensely and personally devoted to its clients and its mission.